Changes to the ESOS Act

For those of you interested in the recent updates to the ESOS Act (lucky you!), here is a set of useful links. The changes are aimed mostly at simplification rather than the usual increase in regulation. They will be of most interest to those involved in the nitty-gritty of registering student enrolments and collecting course fees […]

ELICOS courses and levels

ELT Support Services is frequently contacted by people and organisations wishing to set up ELICOS courses. Whether adding ELICOS courses to an RTO, higher education institution or school’s current operations, or starting a new organisation from scratch, decisions will have to be made about which courses to apply for, and which levels of English language […]

Welcome to ELT Support Services - helping ELT and ELICOS centres


Welcome to ELT Support Service’s new website! The News and Views section is intended to provide (usually) short information pertinent to the ELT/ELICOS industry, both here in Australia and internationally. Hopefully it will be useful for both individuals such as teachers and academic managers, as well as for owners and directors of existing or potential ELT/ELICOS […]