That was 2018. Now for 2019!

As we get back to work after the Christmas and New Year holiday, it seems a good time to reflect on 2018 and look forward to 2019.

2018 was a busy and productive year at ELT Support Services. We helped several international colleges prepare for the transition from VET certificate courses in English language (CSWE and Victorian EAL framework) to ELICOS courses operating under the ELICOS Standards 2018. We also responded to ASQA’s increased scrutiny of new applications, and are assisting a number of colleges with curriculum as well as policies and procedures. At the end of the year, David received the exciting news that he had been appointed to the NEAS Advisory Council.

David was also busy on the international front, presenting successfully at conferences in South East Asia and Japan and continuing to write for the Pearson Test of English – Academic (PTE-A) exam. He also attended the British Council ELTon award ceremony in London on behalf of a client who we helped achieve finalist status in these prestigious awards – a big achievement!

Anushka continued to expand her role as Senior Curriculum Consultant, keeping the curriculum documentation up-to-date with new resources and new developments, and enhancing policies and procedures to make them even more robust and supportive of processes that encourage quality education. She, too, is now involved in item writing for Pearson.

We’re excited about 2019, with some major projects ahead. We continue to support past clients and help other organisations, including RTOs, enter the ELICOS space, and are working on a significant materials writing project for exam preparation. More books may also be on the horizon – watch this space!

ELICOS courses and levels

ELT Support Services is frequently contacted by people and organisations wishing to set up ELICOS courses. Whether adding ELICOS courses to an RTO, higher education institution or school’s current operations, or starting a new organisation from scratch, decisions will have to be made about which courses to apply for, and which levels of English language proficiency to offer within those courses, as a syllabus will have to be created for each level within each course.

To help people new to ELICOS make these decisions, we’ve created an information page that explains some common ELICOS courses, as well as giving an idea of which levels are common. To read that page, click here.

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We intend that new content will be produced on an occasional basis. There probably won’t be a lot of posts, and we intend to keep them mostly short, snappy and informative – so if you subscribe, please don’t worry about your in-box filling up quickly!

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