About us

The proprietor and Principal Consultant of ESS is David Hill. David has been involved in ELT internationally and within Australia for over twenty years. He has held a number of teaching and management positions, andĀ holds several qualifications related to ELT and education management, including an MA in Applied Linguistics.

He is recognised as one of Australia’s most prolific authors of ELT coursebooks, having been published by Pearson in the UK and USA as well as Australia. His books include the ground-breaking EAP Now!, Academic Connections and the ‘strategically important’ Expert Pearson Test of English Academic. He has also been an IELTS examiner and as has written test itemsĀ for the various Pearson Tests of English. He has presented at a number of international conferences, including NEAS and English Australia in Australia, and IATEFL in the UK.

Other projects typical of David’s work include:

  • revising a school’s policies and procedures in light of CRICOS requirements;
  • preparing curricula plus policies and procedures for new ELICOS colleges;
  • working as part of a team producing ELICOS assessments for an Australian university; and
  • writing a teacher training course (Certificate IV in TESOL)